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DISCCRS (pronounced "discourse") is built on the premise that successful interdisciplinary scholarship begins with a core area of expertise and grows with the development of broader knowledge and through a network of collegial connections across disciplines. The aim of DISCCRS is to foster such interdisciplinary work by connecting new researchers who are striving to create and integrate knowledge across multiple disciplines and to develop creative solutions to problems relating to climate change.


  • Provides a searchable database of Ph.D. dissertation abstracts submitted through this website since 2003.  Abstracts are submitted through the electronic registration form.
  • Offers career-development resources developed through 18 symposia for recent Ph.D. graduates held between 1993 - 2015.
  • Publishes a weekly newsletter with timely information on climate-change news and jobs.  Click here to be added to our mailing list.
  • Held eight DISCCRS symposia, which brought together cohorts of competitively selected early career scientists interested in working across traditional disciplinary boundaries. The goal was to develop international, interdisciplinary collegial networks among scholars likely to become leaders in their chosen fields. Participation was limited to 30-34 early career scholars identified by an interdisciplinary committee of research scientists based on review of submitted applications. Applications included a 2-page biosketch, an essay on interdisciplinary interests, and two letters of recommendation. Use the tabs on the left of this page to learn about past symposium scholars and to view reports from the symposia. No more are planned at this time.

DISCCRS Webpage Highlights

  • Career Resources: This link provides an annotated list of resources developed for and by the symposium participants. It includes practical advice for establishing interdisciplinary careers, finding jobs, navigating promotion and tenure, developing research proposals and other aspects of early-career development.
  • Search Dissertations: The international compilation highlights the accomplishments of Ph.D. graduates registered between 2003 - 2016. More than 3400 dissertations from nearly 70 countries are archived. You can search the full text of all abstracts, or search abstracts by year.
  • Program Reports: Demographic information was collected as part of the registration process and was used to characterize the graduate population. This link archives the program reports.
  • Symposium Reports: Symposium outcomes, participant lists, mentors and other details about past symposia here.
  • Symposium Scholars: are highlighted on this page. There is a separate list for each symposium. The list includes PhD dissertation topics and brief summaries of research expertise for each participant.
  • Published Papers: This page provides a bibliography of papers relating to, or resulting from, DISCCRS. It includes papers published by the DISCCRS PIs, or by teams of scholars who participated in a DISCCRS symposium.
  • News and Links: This page provides links to the DISCCRS Team’s favorite climate-change resources. It is not a comprehensive list, but a good starting place for those looking for climate information.


DISCCRS supported from 2002 - 2016 through grants from the

U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF)

GEO Directorate for Geosciences
PLR Division of Polar Programs
SBE Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Earth Science Program


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DISCCRS Sponsoring Societies

  • AAG Association of American Geographers
  • AERE Association of Environmental and Resource Economists
  • AGU American Geophysical Union
  • AMS American Meteorological Society
  • ASLO American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
  • ESA Ecological Society of America
  • ESS-ISA Environmental Studies Section of the International Studies Association
  • STEP-APSA Science, Technology and Environmental Politics (STEP) section of the American Political Science Association
  • TOS The Oceanography Society
  • USSEE U.S. Society for Ecological Economics

DISCCRS Program Directors

C. Susan Weiler, Ph.D., Office for Earth System Studies, Whitman College

Ronald B. Mitchell, Ph.D., Department of Political Science, University of Oregon

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations presented at are only those of the grantees, researcher or authors,  and
do not necessarily reflect the views of NSF or NASA.

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