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More than 3,550 dissertations have been registered with the DISCCRS and DIALOG programs since their inception in 2002 and 1993 respectively. The combined registry is international in scope, with citizens of more than 85 countries participating to date and nearly 50% of Ph.D.s registered outside the U.S. Demographic information is collected with abstracts, and statistical information is reported on a biennial basis. Use the navigation links in the left-hand margin to register your dissertation, for symposium application instructions, and other program and symposium reports and resources for enhancing interdisciplinary and early-career development.

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Chafe, Zoe A

2016. Our breaths we take: Outdoor air quality, health, and climate change consequences of household heating and cooking with solid fuels. Energy and Resources Group, University of California at Berkeley (United States), 135 pp

Getirana, Augusto

2009. Contributions of Radar Altimetry to the Hydrological Modeling of Large Amazon Basins. GET, Universite de Toulouse III (Brazil), 300 pp

Aryal, Suman

2016. The socio-ecological impacts of structural changes in the transhumance system of the mountainous areas of Nepal. Institute of Agriculture and Environment, University of Southern Queenslaand (Australia), 247 pp

Frazier, Abby G

2016. The influence of large-scale modes of climate variability on spatiotemporal rainfall patterns and vegetation response in Hawai‘i. Department of Geography, University of Hawaii at Manoa (United States), 137 pp Website

Fegyveresi, John M

2015. The physical properties of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Divide deep ice core: Development, evolution, and interpretation. Geosciences, Pennsylvania State University (United States), 303 pp

Flecha, Susana

2015. Carbon fluxes in coastal systems of the South-Atlantic. Spanish National Research Council, Spanish National Research Council (Spain), 245 pp Website

Ogburn, Scott A

2014. The Fusion of Astronomical Alignments with Sacred Geometry in Design of Sacred Architecture. School of Architecture, Atlantic International University (United States), 350 pp Website

Siperstein, Stephen J

2016. Climate Change in Literature and Culture: Conversion, Speculation, Education. Department of English, University of Oregon (United States), 236 pp Website

Jurgens, Laura J

2015. Population and community impacts of extreme events in coastal marine ecosystems. Evolution and Ecology, University of California at Davis (United States), 148 pp

Read, Quentin D

2016. Individual variation in plant traits drives species interactions, ecosystem functioning, and responses to global change. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee at Knoxville (United States), 163 pp Website

Rahman, Ahsanur Ahsan

2009. screening of Trichoderma spp. and their efficacy as a bio conversion agent of municipal solid waste through appropriate technique of solid state fermentation. Department of Botany, Rajshahi University (Bangladesh), 280 pp Website

Awolala, David O

2016. Modelling Future Demand for Weather Index Insurance as an Adaptation Instrument to Drought Risk Event in Central-West Nigeria. Department of Economics, Universite Chiekh Anta Diop (Senegal), 234 pp