The Right Stuff: Graduate and Postgraduate Training for Interdisciplinary Research Careers

This page provides titles and Powerpoint files for presentations given at the 2006 AGU/ASLO/TOS Ocean Sciences Meeting held 20-24 February, 2006 in Honolulu, Hawaii and submitted by the authors for inclusion on this page. For the full list of presentations given at the meeting, visit and look for Sessions OS43E, OS OS44D and OS45I, The Right Stuff: Graduate and Postgraduate Training for Interdisciplinary Research Careers. Sessions organized by C. S. Weiler (Whitman College), L.E. Duguay (University of Southern California) and S.B. Cook (Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education).
Presentations in chronological order. 


Leinen, M. Addressing the Challenges of Graduate and Post-Graduate Training in the Geosciences.

Weiler, C.S. What Recent Ph.Ds Want: Strategies for Building Successful Interdisciplinary Careers.

Nielsen, M.E., C.E. Reimers and H.K. Given. Drilling for Success: The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program as an Opportunity for Young Scientists.

Wishner, K., B Silver, F Boudreaux-Bartels, L Harlow, H Mederer, L Pasquerella, J Peckham, C Roheim, J Swift. Strategies for Career Success of Women Science Faculty: The ADVANCE Program at the University of Rhode Island.

Glenn, S.M., O.M. Schofield, R.J. Chant and J.T. Kohut. Educational Needs in the Changing Field of Operational Oceanography.

Knowlton, NInterdisciplinary Education in Marine Science: Lessons from an NSF IGERT Program on Marine Biodiversity and Conservation.

Hanson, K. A Diverse Approach to Marine Biodiversity: One Student's Perspective on IGERT Graduate Training.

Michaels, A.F., D.G. Capone, L.E. Duguay, D.A. Caron and W. Berelson. Training for Leadership in Marine Science.

Cook, S.B., J. Farrington and R.E. McDuff. The CORE OSER Dataset: A Community Resource for Assessing Patterns in Ocean Sciences Graduate Education.

Bucklin, A., H.G. Dam, J.B. Edson, R. Mason, P.T. Visscher and M.M. Whitney. Building Cross-Disciplinary Bridges: Graduate Education in Marine Sciences at the University of Connecticut.

Campbell, L., S.F. Dimarco and N.L. Guinasso. Graduate Certificate in Ocean Observing Systems: A New Professional Degree at Texas A&M University.

Smith, S.L. My Experience as an Engineer, Trying to do Biogeochemical Modeling within an Interdisciplinary, International Team of Modelers and Experimentalists.