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Thomas, Elizabeth K

2014. Orbital- and millennial-scale climate variability and seasonality in East Asia reconstructed using molecular paleoclimate proxies. Geological Sciences, Brown University (United States), 192 pp Website

Allen, Jenica M

2012. Global change ecology: Native and invasive species responses to climate and land use at local to biogeographic scales. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Connecticut (United States), 181 pp

Philben, Michael J

2014. Climatic controls on organic matter decomposition in boreal peatlands. Marine Science Program, University of South Carolina (United States), 201 pp

Zhu, Liye

2014. Constraining ammonia emissions with remote sensing observations and inverse modeling. Department of Mechanical Engineering , University of Colorado at Boulder (United States), 169 pp

Trebilco, Rowan

2014. Size-based insight into the structure and function of reef fish communities. Biological Science, Simon Fraser University (Canada), 125 pp Website

Amos, Helen M

2014. Toward an improved understanding of the global biogeochemical cycle of mercury. Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, Harvard University (United States), 125 pp Website

Dass, Pawlok

2013. The role of bioenergy production in the terrestrial carbon cycle and energy balance. Department of Earth Sciences, Univ. of Hamburg & IMPRS-ESM (Germany), 166 pp Website

Rajsekhar, Deepthi


Liu, Nengye

2012. Prevention of Vessel-Source Marine Pollution, a Comparative Studey between the European and Chinese Law. Public International Law, Ghent University (Belgium), 216 pp Website

Monteleone, Kelly R

2013. Lost worlds: Locating submerged archaeological sites in southeast Alaska. Department of Anthropology, University of New Mexico (United States), 985 pp Website

Liboiron, Max N

2013. Redefining Pollution: Plastics in the Wild. Media, Culture, and Communication , New York University (United States), 257 pp Website

Mittal, Radhika

2013. What do newspapers tell us about climate change and food practices? A discursive frame analysis of mainstream Australian and US newspapers. Department of Sociology, Macquarie University (Australia), 438 pp Website

mikheeva, anna

2011. Spectroradiometry and remote sensing data interpretation for mapping the state and dynamics of tundra-taiga ecotone (case study of Khibiny Mountains, Kola Peninsula, Russia). faculty of geography, lomonosov moscow state university (Russia), 139 pp

Shelef, Eitan

2014. Constraints on the form and formation of branched channel networks. Earth and Environmental Sciences, Stanford University (United States), 170 pp

Jochum, Kim A

2016. Applying a social-ecological systems approach to human-bear encounters across the Pacific Rim: advancing resilient human-wildlife management strategies. Biology and Wildlife Department, University of Alaska Fairbanks (United States), 216 pp

Fawcett, Sarah E

2012. Nitrate assimilation by eukaryotic phytoplankton as a central characteristic of ocean productivity. Department of Geosciences, Princeton University (United States), 290 pp

Orsi, Anais J

2013. Temperature reconstruction at the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide, for the last millennium, from the combination of borehole temperature and inert gas isotope measurements. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego (United States), 265 pp

Harig, Christopher T

2010. The effects of lithospheric thickness variations on the dynamics of the Earth’s upper mantle. Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder (United States), 155 pp

Knox, Matthew A

2012. Diversity of New Zealand deep-sea Amphipoda. Department of Biology, University of Waikato (New Zealand), 162 pp

Zwickle, Adam K

2014. Communicating Environmental Risks. Graduate Program in Environment and Natural Resources, Ohio State University (United States), 152 pp Website

Giordano, Michael R

2014. Climate impacts of biomass burning aerosols: Constraining the chemicophysical properties of fresh and aged particles. Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of California - Riverside (United States), 175 pp

Fourquez, Marion A

2012. The role of heterotrophic bacteria in the coupling of iron and carbon cycles in the ocean. Biological oceanography, University Pierre and Marie Curie (France), 315 pp Website

profile_Last, profile_First Profile_mi

2016. profile_PhD_Thesis_Title. profile_PhD_Granting_Department, profile_PhD_Granting_Institution (United States), profile_PhD_NumberOfPages pp Website

Keegan, Kaitlin M

2014. The effect of firn microstructure on firn air transport. Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College (United States), 129 pp

Stevenson, Emily I

2012. Stable strontium isotopes in the marine and terrestrial environment. Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford (United Kingdom), 210 pp

Signori, Camila Negrao

2014. Chemosynthesis and Bacterial Production in Marine Ecosystems: Quantification, Importance and Regulatory Factors. Department of General Microbiology, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Institute of Microbiology (Brazil), 178 pp

Wensing, Enrico J

2012. A Social Science Research Protocol for the Assessment and Development of Community Leaders for Sustainability and Sustainable Communities. School of Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School (United States), 131 pp Website

Zhou, Jiayun

2014. The physical and biological controls on the distribution of gases and solutes in sea ice from ice growth to ice decay. F.R.S.- FNRS, F.R.S.- FNRS (Belgium), 176 pp

Test_Submission, profile_First Profile_mi

2016. profile_PhD_Thesis_Title. profile_PhD_Granting_Department, profile_PhD_Granting_Institution (United States), profile_PhD_NumberOfPages pp Website

Bent, Jonathan D

2014. Airborne Oxygen Measurements over the Southern Ocean as an Integrated Constraint of Seasonal Biogeochemical Processes. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California at San DIego (United States), 276 pp

Wilson, Aaron B

2013. Using the NCAR CAM 4 to confirm SAM’s modulation of the ENSO teleconnection to Antarctica and assess changes to this interaction during various ENSO flavor events. Atmospheric Sciences, The Ohio State University (United States), 296 pp

Hewitt, Rebecca E


Hullar, Ted

2013. Investigations of Hydrogen Peroxide Photochemistry in Snow and Ice. Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Group, University of California at Davis (United States), 110 pp

Young, Nicolas E

2012. Early Holocene evolution of the western Greenland Ice Sheet and Baffin Island mountain glaciers. Department of Geology, University at Buffalo (United States), 208 pp

Weber, Barret J

2013. The Politics of Development in Nunavut: Land Claims, Arctic Urbanization, and Geopolitics. Department of Sociology, University of Alberta (Canada), 261 pp Website

Kimball, Peter W

2011. Iceberg-relative navigation for autonomous underwater vehicles. Aeronautics & Astronautics, Stanford University (United States), 88 pp

Mutter, Edda A

2014. Assessment of contaminant concentrations and transport pathways in rural Alaska communities' solid waste and wastewater sites. Department of Civil and Environmental Engieering, University of Alaska Fairbanks (United States), 220 pp

Teets, Nicholas M

2012. Cellular and molecular mechanisms of environmental stress tolerance in insects. Department of Entomology, Ohio State University (United States), 312 pp

minghong, zhang

2013. The impact of sea surface thermal status anomalies on the interannual variability of tropical Northwestern Pacific climate. Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China), 137 pp

Diaz, Julia M

2011. Inorganic polyphosphate in the marine environment: Field observations and new analytical techniques. School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology (United States), 150 pp

Tietsche, Steffen

2012. Initialization and predictability of Arctic sea ice in a global climate model. Department of Geosciences, University of Hamburg (Germany), 107 pp Website

Kocot, Kevin M

2013. A combined approach toward resolving molluscan phylogeny. Department of Biological Sciences, Auburn University (United States), 268 pp Website

Petty, Alek A

2014. Sea ice and the ocean mixed layer over the Antarctic continental shelf. Department of Earth Sciences, University College London (United Kingdom), 223 pp Website

Cape, Mattias R

2014. Influence of atmosphere-ice-ocean interactions on phytoplankton along the Antarctic Peninsula. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego (United States), 234 pp

Studer, Anja S

2013. Plio-Pleistocene nutrient consumption in the polar oceans reconstructed from diatom-bound nitrogen isotopes. Department of Earth Sciences, ETH Zurich (Switzerland), 175 pp

Bienhold, Christina A

2011. Diversity and ecology of bacterial communities at the deep seafloor. Department of Biology and Chemistry, University of Bremen (Germany), 178 pp Website

Martini, Kim I

2010. Observations of breaking internal tides on the Oregon continental slope. Department of Oceanography, University of Washington (United States), 90 pp Website

Kim, Hyomin

2010. Development of ground-based search-coil magnetometer systems in the polar regions and studies of ULF Pc1-2 wave propagation in the ionospheric waveguide. Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Hampshire (United States), 169 pp

Li, Linghan

2013. Physical Controls on Ice Variability in the Bering Sea. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego (United States), 148 pp

McLaren, Jennie R

2010. The influence of plant functional groups on ecosystem functions in a grassland in northern Canada. Botany, University of British Columbia (Canada), 158 pp Website

Walker, Sally A

2012. Sources and fate of chromophoric dissolved organic matter in the Arctic Ocean and surrounding watersheds. Oceanography, Texas A&M University (United States), 125 pp Website

Purkey, Sarah Michelle G

2014. The abyssal ocean's contributions to the global energy and sea level budgets between the 1990s and 2000s. Oceanography, University of Washington (United States), 196 pp Website

Wright, Traver J

2014. Myoglobin Adaptation in Terrestrial and Diving Birds and Mammals. Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, Texas A&M University (United States), 114 pp

Letscher, Robert T

2012. Controls on dissolved organic matter distribution and fate in the ocean. Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami (United States), 123 pp Website

Lee, Younjoo

2009. Mechanisms Controlling Variability in Long Island Sound. School of Marine Atmospheric Sciences, Stony Brook University (United States), 132 pp

Bowman, Jeff S

2014. Life in the cold biosphere: The ecology of psychrophile communities, genomes, and genes. School of Oceanography, University of Washington (United States), 297 pp Website

Benoit , Joshua B

2009. Molecular and Physiological Responses of Hematophagous Arthropods to Dehydration. Entomology , The Ohio State University (United States), 274 pp Website

Bench, Shellie R

2012. Comparative genomics and natural distributions of phenotypically distinct strains of the nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium Crocosphaera watsonii. Ocean Sciences, University of California at Santa Cruz (United States), 182 pp

Hoy, Elizabeth E

2014. Impacts of a changing fire frequency on soil carbon stocks in interior Alaskan boreal forests. Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland College Park (United States), 107 pp

Thurber, Andrew R

2010. Mircrobe-Metazoan Interactions at Pacific Methane Seeps. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego (United States), 169 pp Website

Geng, Lei

2012. Investigating anthropogenic impacts on reactive nitrogen chemistry using isotopic composition of Central Greenland ice-core nitrate. Chemistry & Biochemistry, South Dakota State University (United States), 164 pp

West, Catherine F

2009. Human Dietary Response to Resource Abundance and Climate Change. Anthropology, University of Washington (United States), 337 pp Website

Northington, Robert M

2013. Effects of Experimentally-Altered Hydrology on Ecosystem Function in Headwater Streams. Biological Sciences, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) (United States), 127 pp

Emry, Erica L

2012. Shallow Thrust and Outer Rise Earthquakes in Northwestern Pacific Subduction Zones and their Role in Subduction Zone Water Budgets with Special Focus on the Mariana Islands. Earth and Planetary Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis (United States), 245 pp

Fibiger, Dorothy L

2014. Investigating post-depositional processing of nitrate in snow and constraining NOx emissions sources using the isotopes of nitrate. Department of Chemistry, Brown University (United States), 115 pp

Mueller, Rachael D

2015. The Effects of Thermodynamic Parameterizations, Ice Shelf Geometry, and Tides on Modeled Basal Melting of Weddell Sea Ice Shelves. College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University (United States), 215 pp Website

Smith, Kathryn E

2013. Physiological thresholds through early ontogeny: The effects of temperature and hydrostatic pressure on the macroecology of the common whelk Buccinum undatum (Linnaeus 1758). Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences, University of Southampton (United Kingdom), 226 pp

Mikesell, Thomas D

2011. Subsurface characterization using head-wave artifacts in seismic interferometry. Department of Geosciences, Boise State University (United States), 121 pp

Strawhacker, Colleen A

2013. Sustaining irrigation agriculture for the long-term: Lessons on maintaining soil quality from ancient agricultural fields in the Phoenix Basin and on the North Coast of Peru. School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University (United States), 405 pp

Corr, Chelsea A

2014. The analysis of in situ and retrieved aerosol properties measured during three airborne field campaigns. Natural Resources and Earth Systems Science Ph.D. Program, University of New Hampshire (United States), 202 pp

Buizert, Christo

2011. The influence of firn air transport processes and radiocarbon production on gas records from polar firn and ice. Centre for Ice and Climate, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), 187 pp

Koffman, Bess G

2013. Atmospheric dust deposition in West Antarctica over the past two millennia. School of Earth and Climate Sciences, University of Maine (United States), 192 pp Website

Brucker, Ludovic

2009. Snow microwave emission modeling: applications in Antarctica and Quebec. Environmental Earth Science System, University of Grenoble, France (France), 308 pp

Walker, Catherine C

2013. Fracture of Antarctic Ice Shelves and Implications for the Icy Satellites of the Outer Solar System. Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences, University of Michigan (United States), 189 pp

Koutnik, Michelle R

2009. Inferring histories of accumulation rate, ice thickness, and ice flow from internal layers in glaciers and ice sheets. Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington (United States), 315 pp

Pommier, Matthieu

2011. Characterization of the pollution on the Arctic troposphere: Use of satellite and airborne data within the IPY/POLARCAT campaign. LATMOS, UPMC (France), 235 pp

Dugan, Hilary

2014. Geophysics, water balance, and history of thick perennial ice covers on Antarctic lakes. Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago (United States), 121 pp Website

Fernández Méndez, Mar

2014. Primary productivity in Arctic sea ice and ocean. Biology and Chemistry Department, University of Bremen (Germany), 289 pp

Moore, Eli K

2011. IDENTIFYING AND TRACKING MARINE PROTEIN AND ITS IMPORTANCE IN THE NITROGEN CYCLE USING PROTEOMICS. Marine Estuarine and Envrionmental Sciences, University of Maryand (United States), 213 pp Website

Hayashi, Naotaka

2013. Cultivating place, livelihood, and the future: An ethnography of dwelling and climate in western Greenland. Department of Anthropology, University of Alberta (Canada), 358 pp

Criscitiello, Alison S

2014. Amundsen Sea sea-ice variability, atmospheric circulation, and spatial variations in snow isotopic composition from new West Antarctic firn cores. Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States), 242 pp Website

Guerra, Melania

2013. Studies of ambient noise in shallow water environments off Mexico and Alaska: Characteristics, metrics and time-synchronization applications. Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego (United States), 155 pp

Peralta Ferriz, Ana Cecilia

2012. Arctic Ocean circulation patterns revealed by ocean bottom pressure anomalies . School of Oceanography, University of Washington (United States), 173 pp

Thompson, Chelsea R

2012. Studies of tropospheric halogen radical chemistry during ozone and mercury depletion events in the Arctic. Chemistry, Purdue University (United States), 382 pp

Tosi, Delia

2010. Measurement of acoustic attenuation in South Pole ice with a retrievable transmitter. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences I, Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin (Germany), 179 pp Website

Sofen, Eric D

2013. Isotopic investigation of anthropogenic- and climate-driven changes in sulfate and nitrate aerosol production. Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington (United States), 133 pp Website

Lin, Yajuan

2013. The growth and activity of genetically diverse Prochlorococcus. Marine Sciences and Conservation, Duke University (United States), 140 pp

Olivas, Paulo

2010. Arctic ecosystem responses to changes in water availability and warming, short and long-term responses. Biological Sciences , Florida International University (United States), 157 pp

Treat, Claire C

2014. Effects of climate change on carbon and nitrogen cycling in permafrost soils of Alaska. Natural Resources, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of New Hampshire (United States), 164 pp

Manucharyan, Georgy E

2014. The role of upper-ocean mixing in large-scale ocean and climate dynamics. Department of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University (United States), 251 pp Website

Li, Laifang

2014. Influence of the North Atlantic Subtropical High on Summer Precipitation Over the Southeastern United States. Earth and Ocean Sciences, Duke University (United States), 216 pp Website

Leslie, Deborah L

2013. The application of stable isotopes, δ11B, δ18O, and δD, in geochemical and hydrological investigations. School of Earth Sciences, The Ohio State University (United States), 290 pp

Boersch-Supan, Philipp H

2014. The ecology of scattering layer biota around Indian Ocean seamounts and islands. School of Biology, University of St Andrews (United Kingdom), 225 pp

Obryk, Maciej K

2014. Hydrological and biogeochemical modeling of Taylor Valley lakes, East Antarctica. Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago (United States), 128 pp

Pournelle, Jennifer R

2003. Marshland of Cities: Deltaic Landscapes and the Evolution of Early Mesopotamian Civilization. Anthropology, University of California at San Diego (United States), 347 pp Website

Kuhn, Emanuele

2014. Dimensions of Antarctic microbial life revealed through microscopic, cultivation-based, molecular phylogenetic and environmental genomic characterization. Division of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences, DRI, University of Nevada, Reno and Desert Research Institute (United States), 208 pp Website

Jahn, Alexandra

2010. Modeling the variability of the liquid freshwater export from the Arctic Ocean. Department for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, McGill University (Canada), 194 pp Website

Zhang, Lin

2012. Transport and partitioning of organochlorine pollutants in the open oceans. Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island (United States), 201 pp Website

Cawley, Kaelin M

2010. Microbial Interactions with Dissolved Organic Matter in Saline Natural Waters. Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder (United States), 169 pp

Frederick, Jennifer M

2013. Numerical investigations of the fluid flows at deep-oceanic and Arctic permafrost-associated gas hydrate deposits. Earth and Planetary Science, University of California at Berkeley (United States), 108 pp Website

Lee, Jean

2014. To what extent do agricultural carbon markets deliver? A case study of smallholder participation, gender equity, and livelihood outcomes. School of Natural Resources, University of Vermont (United States), 130 pp

Klein, Eric S

2013. Differential response of Alaska peatlands to climate changes of the last millennium. Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lehigh University (United States),

Kjær, Helle Astrid

2014. continuous chemistry in ice cores: Phosphorus, pH and the photolysis of humic like substances. Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), 342 pp

Sulia, Kara J

2013. Discerning environmental dependencies of mixed-phase cloud lifetime with a focus on ice particles habit evolution. Department of Meteorology, The Pennsylvania State University (United States), 130 pp

Suprenand, Paul M

2013. Investigations for utilizing pteropods as bioindicators of environmental change along the western Antarctic Peninsula. College of Marine Science, University of South Florida (United States), 166 pp Website

Stephenson, Scott R

2014. Impacts of Climate Change on Human Access and Resource Development in the Arctic. Geography, University of California, Los Angeles (United States), 187 pp Website

Lara, Mark J

2012. Implications of decade time scale Arctic plant community change on ecosystem function. Biological Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso (United States), 127 pp

Colleoni, Florence

2009. On the Late Saalian glaciation (160-140 ka): a climate modeling study. Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Géophysique de l'Environnement (CNRS), Université Joseph Fourier (France), 206 pp

Zhang, Run

2010. Biological N2 fixation in the China marginal seas. Department of Oceanography, Xiamen University, China (China), 250 pp Website

Fudge, Tyler J

2013. Investigating the interior of West Antarctica with light, radar, and electrical conductance. Earth and Space Sciences, University of Wahsington, Seattle (United States), 104 pp

Enderlin, Ellyn M

2013. Observations and modeling of marine-terminating outlet glaciers. School of Earth Sciences, The Ohio State University (United States), 131 pp Website

de Boer, Gijs

2009. An improved understanding of the lifecycle of mixed-phase stratiform clouds through observations and simulation. Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Madison (United States), 140 pp Website

Schoenrock, Kathryn M


Cross, Jessica N

2013. Carbon biogeochemistry of the eastern Bering Sea Shelf. School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, University of Alaska Fairbanks (United States), 264 pp Website

Pusede, Sally E

2014. Combining nitrogen oxides and temperature to derive new observational constraints on the changing chemistry of ozone and aerosol. Department of Chemistry, University of California Berkeley (United States), 118 pp

Telemeco, Rory S

2014. Here be dragons: Functional analyses of thermal adaptation and biogeography of reptiles in a changing world. Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology, Iowa State University (United States), 258 pp

Harris, John B

2012. Predicting and measuring the impacts of climate change and habitat loss on Southeast Asian and Australian birds. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Adelaide (Australia), 302 pp

Cochero, Joaquin

2013. Effects of the modification physical-chemical variables associated with global changes on biofilms that inhabit nutrient-rich streams. Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo, Universidad de La Plata (Argentina), 200 pp

Kavanaugh, Maria T

2012. Dynamic seascapes: a quantitative framework for scaling pelagic ecology and biogeochemistry. College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University (United States), 201 pp Website

Shirey, Patrick D

2013. An interdisciplinary approach to inform ecological restoration and environmental policy: Merging ecology, history, and law. Department of Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame (United States), 241 pp Website

Wilson, Robert C

2011. Multivariate Retrieval of Carbon Monoxide. Physics, University of Maryland Baltimore County (United States), 212 pp

Friedman, Andrew R

2014. The changing interhemispheric temperature difference: mechanisms and impacts. Geography Department, University of California, Berkeley (United States), 77 pp

Pervez, Md Shahriar

2014. Assessing the impacts of climate and land use and land cover change on freshwater availability: Applications in the Ganges and the Brahmaputra river basins. Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence, South Dakota State University (United States), 214 pp

Moon, Twila A

2014. Greenland outlet glacier behavior during the 21st century: Understanding velocities and environmental factors. Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington Seattle (United States), 130 pp Website

Sun, Ying

2013. Role of mesophyll CO2 diffusion and large-scale disturbances in the interactions between climate and carbon cycles. Department of Geological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin (United States), 202 pp

Vogt, Jessica M

2014. Urban tree planting, tree maintenance, and the success of planted urban trees. School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University (United States), 157 pp

Praskievicz, Sarah J

2014. A hierarchical modeling approach to simulating the geomorphic response of river systems to climate change. Department of Geography, University of Oregon (United States), 133 pp

Culler, Lauren E

2013. Temperature effects on consumer-resource species interactions: Integrating thermal physiology and community ecology. Biological Sciences, Dartmouth (United States), 145 pp

Hahnenberger, Maura

2014. Dust storms in the eastern Great Basin of Utah, U.S.A. Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Utah (United States), 153 pp Website

Dow, Graham J

2014. The physiological consequences of altering genetic controls in stomatal development of Arabidopsis thaliana. Biology Department, Stanford University (United States), 124 pp

Cohen, Elliot J

2014. The water footprint of urban energy systems: Concepts, methods and applications for assessing electricity supply risk factors. Civil Engineering, University of Colorado at Denver (United States), 148 pp

Douglas, Peter M J

2014. Plant-wax isotopes in neotropical lake sediments and their insights into the ancient Maya civilization. Geology and Geophysics, Yale University (United States), 264 pp

Perrone, Debra

2014. Characterizing Water, Food, and Energy Interrelationships. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Vanderbilt University (United States), 110 pp Website

Fernández, Luis R

2014. Intractabilty dynamics in climate change scientific research and international negotiations. School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico), 242 pp Website

Alden, Caroline B

2013. Terrestrial Carbon cycle responses to drought and climate stress: New insights using atmospheric observations of CO2 and δ13C. Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder (United States), 384 pp

Song, Hyojong

2009. Development of the retrospective optimal interpolation and its prototype application to simple models. School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Seoul National University (Korea, South), 125 pp Website

Hettinger, Annaliese

2012. Consequences of global change for early life stages of the Olympia oyster. Ecology, University of California Davis (United States), 137 pp Website

Gallemore, Caleb T

2013. Glocalizing Forests: Transnational Networks and the Geography of Global Climate Policy. Geography, The Ohio State University (United States), 293 pp

Lacher, Iara L

2013. Testing assumptions about the relationship between geographic range and climatic tolerance for narrow and broadly distributed species using in-situ observations, ex-situ experiments, and species distribution modeling. Environmental Science and Policy, University of California at Davis (United States),

Bixler, Patrick

2014. Is there an heir apparent to the crown? A more informed understanding of connectivity and networked environmental governance in the Crown of the Continent. Sociology, Colorado State University (United States), 250 pp

Yocum, Heather M

2013. The price of trees: Producing carbon commodities and conservation in Malawi's protected areas. Department of Anthropology, Michigan State University (United States), 275 pp

Danish, Ahmed H


Morrissey, James W

2011. Mobility in context: Exploring the impact of environmental stress on mobility decisions in northern Ethiopia. International Development, University of Oxford (United Kingdom), 375 pp