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More than 3,550 dissertations have been registered with the DISCCRS and DIALOG programs since their inception in 2002 and 1993 respectively. The combined registry is international in scope, with citizens of more than 85 countries participating to date and nearly 50% of Ph.D.s registered outside the U.S. Demographic information is collected with abstracts, and statistical information is reported on a biennial basis. Use the navigation links in the left-hand margin to register your dissertation, for symposium application instructions, and other program and symposium reports and resources for enhancing interdisciplinary and early-career development.

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Rahman, Ahsanur Ahsan

2009. screening of Trichoderma spp. and their efficacy as a bio conversion agent of municipal solid waste through appropriate technique of solid state fermentation. Department of Botany, Rajshahi University (Bangladesh), 280 pp Website

Awolala, David O

2016. Modelling Future Demand for Weather Index Insurance as an Adaptation Instrument to Drought Risk Event in Central-West Nigeria. Department of Economics, Universite Chiekh Anta Diop (Senegal), 234 pp

Magney, Troy S

2015. Assessing the Spatial and Temporal Controls on Plant Function Using Ground Based Remote Sensing. Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences, Univesity of Idaho (United States), 179 pp

Hopping, Kelly A

2015. Cascading effects of changing climate and land use on alpine ecosystems and pastoral livelihoods in central Tibet. Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, Colorado State University (United States), 208 pp Website

Brick, Cameron

2015. Social visibility and identity signaling behaviors. Psychological & Brain Sciences, University of California, Santa Barbara (United States), 153 pp Website

Silbiger, Nyssa J

2015. Environmental drivers of the coral reef accretion-erosion balance in present and future ocean conditions. Zoology (now Biology), University of Hawaii at Manoa (United States), 242 pp Website

Rahman, Md. Ashiqur

2015. Governance matters: power, corruption, social exclusion, and climate change in Bangladesh. School of Anthropology, University of Arizona (United States), Website

Gordon, David J

2015. From global cities to global governors? Power, politics, and the convergence of urban climate governance. Department of Political Science, University of Toronto (Canada), 259 pp Website

Clarke, Hamish G

2015. The impact of climate change on bushfire weather conditions and fuel load. Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of NSW Australia (Australia), 244 pp

Schwebel, Michael B

2015. Climate change adaptation and policy in Pacific small island states: Safe havens or adrift at sea?. Geography & Urban Studies, Temple University (United States), 236 pp

Stroup, Laura J

2008. Climate Change Effects on U.S. Water Resources Management. Geography, University of South Carolina, Columbia (United States), 196 pp

Jeganathan, Anushiya

2015. Impact and vulnerability of emerging climate change scenario on natural resources in Chennai metropolis,India. Centre for Climate Change and Adaptation Research, Anna University (India), 207 pp

Bounceur, Nabila

2015. Quaternary climate changes : A global sensitivity analysis-based emulation approach of climate model response to forcing. Earth and Life institute - Georges Lema├«tre Centre for Earth and Climate Research, Universit├ę catholique de Louvain (Belgium), 360 pp

Rumore, Danya

2015. Role-play simulations: A tool for transformative civic education and engagement around science-intensive environmental issues. Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States), 313 pp Website

Hannaford, Matthew J

2015. The consequences of past climate change for state formation and security in southern Africa. Department of Geography, University of Sheffield (United Kingdom), 302 pp Website

Matwiejczyk-Montgomery, Marian Ann J

1993. Concepts of Fashion 1921-1987: A Study of Garments Worn by Selected Winners of The Miss America Pageant. School of Education, Health Nursing and Arts Professions, New York University (United States), 594 pp Website

Fernandez, Alfonso

2014. Waning and waxing of mountain glaciers in South America: A Modeling approach over multiple spatial and temporal scales. Geography Department, The Ohio State University (United States), 340 pp Website

Metcalf, Andrew R

2012. Atmospheric black carbon: Measurements in the Los Angeles atmosphere and aging by condensation of organic aerosol. Environmental Science and Engineering, California Institute of Technology (United States), 331 pp Website