Publications & Presentations

Below is a list of publications and presentations authored by the organizers, as well as publications that were inspired by discussions during the symposia and were initiated and authored by one or more of the invited symposium scholars. See for detailed program and symposium reports.


A top-down approach to projecting market impacts of climate change
Lemoine, D. & S.B. Kapnick (2015). Nature Climate Change DOI:10.1038/nclimate2759.

Scholarly motivations to conduct interdisciplinary climate change research.
Milman, A., J.M. Marston, S.E. Godsey, J. Bolson, H.P. Jones and C.S. Weiler (2015). Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences DOI:10.1007/s13412-015-0307-z.

Snowfall less sensitive to warming in Karakoram than in Himalayas due to a unique seasonal cycle.
Kapnick, S.B., T.L. Delworth, M. Ashfaq, S. Malyshev and P.C.D. Milly (2014) Nature Geosciences doi:10.1038/ngeo2269.

Sorry, Polar Bears: There's No Quick Fix for Those Melting Glaciers.
Cusack, D.F. (2014) Zócalo Public Square.

An interdisciplinary assessment of climate engineering strategies. (Supplemental material.)
Cusack, D.F., J. Axsen, R. Shwom, L. Hartzell-Nichols, S. White, and K.R.M. Mackey (2014) Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 12:280-287.

Economic Growth Assumptions in Climate and Energy Policy.
Krakauer, Nir Y. (2014) Sustainability 6(3):1448-1461.

Emerging Ideas and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Climate Change.
Livneh, B., E. Marino and J.E. Ten Hoeve (2014) Eos 95(7):65.
(Copyright AGU. Further reproduction or electronic distribution is not permitted.)

Remnants of an ancient forest provide ecological context for Early Miocene fossil apes.
Michel, L. A., D. J. Peppe, J. A. Lutz, S. G. Driese, H. M Dunsworth, W. E. H. Harcourt-Smith, W. H. Horner, T. Lehmann, S. Nightingale, and K. P. McNulty (2014) Nature Communications 5: 3236.

Bringing New Ph.D.s Together for Interdisciplinary Climate Change Research.
Phelan, L., H. Jones and J.R. Marlon (2013) Eos 94(5):57.
(Copyright AGU. Reproduced by permission of American Geophysical Union. Further reproduction or electronic distribution is not permitted.)

Bringing new PhDs together for supradisciplinary climate change research.
Phelan, L. (2012) Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment Newsletter 26:2, University of Newcastle, Australia.

Advising on the edge: Interdisciplinary mentorship must evolve to keep pace with innovative programmes, argues Katherine Mackey.
Mackey, K. (2012) Nature 490:301.

Is Pre-Tenure Interdisciplinary Research a Career Risk?
Fischer, E.V., K.R.M. Mackay, D.F. Cusack, L.R.G. DeSantis, L. Hartzell-Nichols, J.A. Lutz, J. Melbourne-Thomas, R. Meyer, D.A. Riveros-Iregui, C.J.B. Sorte,  J.R. Taylor and S.A. White (2012) Eos 93(31):311-312.

Sustainable Science? Reducing the Carbon Impact of Scientific Mega‐Meetings.
Ponette‐González, A.G. and J.E. Byrnes (2011) Ethnobiology Letters 2:65‐71.

Personality type differences between Ph.D. climate researchers and the general public: Implications for effective communication.
Weiler, C.S., J. Keller and C. Olex (2011) Climatic Change 112(2):233-242. DOI 10.1007/s10584-011-0205-7.

Suggestions for NSF/GEO Early Career PIs.
Weiler, C.S. (2011) NSF Geosciences Directorate.

Training a New Scientist to Meet the Challenges of a Changing Environment.
LeDee, O.E. et al. (2011) Eos 92(16):135. (Copyright AGU. Reproduced by permission of American Geophysical Union. Further reproduction or electronic distribution is not permitted.)

A Quick Guide to Writing a Solid Peer Review.
Nicholas, K. and W. Gordon (2011) Eos 92(28):233.

Developing next-generation climate change scholars: the DISCCRS experience.
Mitchell, R.B. and C.S. Weiler (2011) Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences 1(1):54-62.

Catalyzing Interdisciplinary Research on Climate Change.
Marlon, J.R., G. Patenaude and R. Barnes (2010) Eos 91(34):299.

Developing and implementing a successful outreach program.
Harrison, J.A., J.H. Cohen, E. Hinchey, A. Moerke and P. von Dassow (2009) Eos 90(38):333-334. 

Carbon offsets, reversal risk and US climate policy.
Mignone, B.K., M.D. Hurteau, Y. Chen and B. Sohngen (2009) Carbon Balance and Management 4:3. 6 pp. Dol 10.1186/1750-0680-4-3. 

President's Letter.
Behrendt, J. (2008) The Polar Times 3(13):2.

New Generation Polar Researcher Symposium Expands Early Career Network. 
Drobot, S.D., C.S. Weiler and J. Baeseman (2008)

Preparing new polar researchers to lead the next International Polar Year.
Wardell, L., C.S. Weiler, S. Drobot and J. Baeseman (2008) Eos 89(33):305. 

Specialization Versus Diversification: A Trade-Off for Young Scientists.
Reyns, N.B., S. Langenheder and J. Lennon (2007) Eos 88(35):343-344 

Meeting PhD graduates' needs in a changing global environment.
Weiler, C.S. (2007). Eos 88(13):149,151. 

Balancing priorities in the academic workplace. 
Menden-Deuer, S. and N.J. Grigg (2006)

Differential gene expression in diapausing and active Calanus finmarchicus (Copepoda). 
Tarrant, A.M., M.F. Baumgartner, T. Verslycke and C.L. Johnson (2006) Marine Ecology Progress Series 355:193-207.

The Right Stuff: Preparing PhD graduates for the challenges posed by complex environmental systems.
Weiler, C.S. (2005) L&O Bulletin 14(2):47-48.

In pursuit of the perfect letter of reference.
Campbell, R.W., M. Boersma, J. Dower, G. Muller-Parker and C.S. Weiler (2005) 

Symposium report examines climate change Ph.D. programs.
Porinchu, D. and S. Drobot (2004)  AAG Newsletter 39:7.

Meeting the Needs of interdisciplinary Ph.D. Graduates in a Changing Global Environment.
Weiler, C.S. and the Workshop Participants (2004)  Report from an October, 2003 Workshop. 20 pp. 

Resources for scientific presentations recommended by DIALOG and DISCCRS participants. 
Weiler, C.S. (2004)  

Ecology teaching tips for first-year professors.
Wilson, K. and S.E. Hampton (2004) Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 85(2):April, 2004. 

Mentoring: Summary report of a Working Group from the DISCCRS I Symposium, 2003.
Chiang, J.C.H., G.A. McKinley and K.M. Arzayus (2003)  

The Ideal Climate Change Ph.D. Program.
Drobot, S.D., D. Porinchu et al. (2003) 

Advancing Ideas, Methods in Interdisciplinary Climate Change Research for New Ph.D.s.
Friddell, J. and T. Blenckner (2003) Eos 84(33):314,320.  (Copyright AGU. Reproduced by permission of American Geophysical Union. Further reproduction or electronic distribution is not permitted.)

Navigating promotion and tenure: Strategies for the newly employed.
Graham, W.M. (2003) L&O Bulletin 12(4):85-86.

Research challenges at the land/sea interface.
Talley, D.M., E.W. North, A.R. Juhl, D.A. Timothy, D. Conde, J.F.C. deBrouwer, C.A. Brown, L.M. Campbell, T. Garstecki, C.J. Hall, F.J.R. Meysman, D.M. Nemerson, P.W. Souza Filho and R.J. Wood (2003) Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 58:699-702. 

DIALOG: Easing the transition from student to professional.
Weiler, C.S. (2003) L&O Bulletin 12(4):84-85.

Model for a collaborative research proposal. 
Keine, R. and D. Kieber (2002) 

Harry Potter and the Ecologist's Thesaurus: DIACES 2002.
Meysman, F.J.R., L.M. Campbell and L.C. Chasar (2002) L&O Bulletin 13(4):84-86

Advice to students wishing to pursue aquatic science careers: Reflections of DIALOG symposium participants.
Weiler, C.S. (2002)

Academic Job Hunting Tips and Advice: Results of DIALOG IV Symposium Working Group Discussion.
Baker, A., J. Benoit, R. Burks, M. Castillo, R. Corbett, D. Hoskins, J. Klug, R. Shipe and S. Wilhelm (2001)

Tips for Proposal Writers. 
Karentz, D. (2001) Prepared for DIALOG IV Workshop.

Perspectives on graduate education experiences in aquatic science.
Weiler, C.S., S.E. Beaulieu and other DIALOG III participants (2000) ASLO Bulletin 9(2):20-22.



Surveying the Landscape of Climate Change Research & Facilitating Interdisciplinarity.
Marlon, J., C.S. Weiler and R. Mitchell (2010) AAG Poster Presentation. April 14-18, Washington, D.C.

Lessons learned from graduates engaging in the study of complex environmental systems.
Weiler, C.S. (2010) Invited Plenary Award Presentation. Acceptance speech, Raymond Margalef Award for Excellence in Education. June 10, 2010, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Trends in Doctoral Research on Climate Change and the Need for Interdisciplinarity.
Marlon, J., R. Mitchell and C.S. Weiler (2009) AGU Poster Presentation. December 14-18, San Francisco, CA.

Training the new generation of polar researchers.
Drobot, S.D. and C.S. Weiler (2008) AGU fall meeting, December 17, San Francisco, CA. Poster.

Building successful collaborations: Lessons learned while preparing graduates for the study of complex environmental systems.
Weiler, C.S. (2008) National Science Foundation, public presentation, April 11, 2008.

DISCCRS: Preparing early career scientists to collaboratively explore interdisciplinary research frontiers.
Weiler, C.S. (2008) National Science Foundation, public presentation, September 5, 2008.

Promoting graduate and post-graduate collaboration during the IPY.
Weiler, C.S. and S.D. Drobot (2008) University of the Arctic Council Meeting, June 2-5, 2008, Edmonton, AB Canada.

Earth System Science: The Ultimate Team Sport.
Weiler, C.S. (2007) Invited Plenary Award Presentation. Acceptance Speech, ASLO Distinguished Service Award. Plenary session, ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, February 5 – 9, 2007, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

What Recent Ph.D.s Want: Strategies for Building Successful Interdisciplinary Careers.
Weiler, C.S. (2006) AGU/ASLO/TOS Ocean Sciences Meeting, February 20-24, 2006, Honolulu, HI.

The Right Stuff: Preparing new professionals to meet the challenges of a changing world.
Weiler, C.S. (2005) Poster, NSF Biocomplexity PI Meeting, March 21-23, 2005, Arlington, VA.

A Capstone Program to Foster Interdisciplinary Understanding and Peer Networking among Recent PhD Recipients.
Weiler, C.S. (2004) Poster, joint ASLO/TOS Ocean Research Meeting. Honolulu, HI Jan. 2004.

Biocomplexity Workshop: Designing a capstone experience for recent PhDs embarking on interdisciplinary research careers.
Weiler, C.S. (2004) Webpage with links to presentations.

Talking Tips: Resources for preparing scientific presentations recommended by DIALOG and DISCCRS program participants.
Weiler, C. S. (2003) Webpage with links to resources.

Biocomplexity at the Land-Water Interface: Enhancing Interdisciplinary Understanding and Peer Networking among Recent Ph.D. Graduates.
Weiler, C.S. (2002) Biocomplexity in the Environment PI Workshop, April 13-16, 2002, Washington, D.C.